Top Casino Drama Movies To Watch On Netflix

Do you enjoy gambling in online casinos like on this website? Online casinos now have become very popular due to the convenience and availability. People can sit in their homes and play exciting online casino games. The ‘casino’ concept is liked by many people. The excitement, glamour, and grandiosity of casinos have inspired many movie makers over the years. Here are some casino-inspired movies you can watch on Netflix.

Ocean’s Eleven

It is a very popular movie released in 2001. In this movie, friends plan to rob a casino. This movie will give you an intense gambling experience. You will see how people win big at the casinos.  This movie later had several sequels and all of them turned out to be superhits.

The Gambler

In this movie, you will get both drama and action. The movie has some intense gambling scenes which many gamblers can relate to. It is about a professor who is obsessed with gambling. The drama unfolds when he losses everything in gambling.


This movie is full of drama and gambling action. In this movie, a young boy gets frustrated as he can’t pay the medical school fees. You will see how he gets into gambling in desperation to achieve more. It’s a great movie to watch.

The Cooler

It is known as one of the best movies inspired by gambling. It is about Bernie who works as a cooler in casinos. He restricts players from winning consistently. The movie had received great reviews.

In most of these casino dramas, you will see that the players try to win big by playing different casino games. These movies inspire many gamblers to try their luck at casinos.

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