The Basic Film Genres You Should Know About

When choosing films you are often faced with the question of whether to watch drama, action, or thriller. There are lots of genres of films, here are the basic ones.


In drama films, you find serious stories based on fiction or real life. In these films, you will see realistic characteristics that conflict with each other. It is the largest genre of films and here you will human beings being portrayed at their best, worst, and even in between.


It is one of the earliest film genres. Historical wars to bank robberies, everything is action. It is very popular and the audiences love watching action movies. There are sub-genres of action movies that include war action, martial arts action, and more.


Comedy is a favorite genre among people of all ages. It is innovative, sophisticated, and fun-loving. These movies delight audiences and they are left laughing out their hearts throughout the movie.


It is one of the most recent film genres. It has attracted audiences who enjoyed the creepy fun of these movies. Dracula and Frankenstein were the classic movies and now you see zombies.


Places in the universe have always been a subject of interest for many people. Films like ‘A Trip To The Moon’ plays with your imagination and evokes lots of thoughts. Time travel, space travel, robots, and others are part of the sci-fi film genre.


These films focus on relationships between friends and spouses. It is about love and romance. The films are often very emotional. Romance combined with comedy is a popular sub-genre today.

Having a clear idea about the different genres of films can help you to decide which film to watch. After watching several movies, you can decide which film genre you like.

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