Reasons to Watch Movie Clips Instead of Trailers

Trailers are similar to the shiny book covers that grab your attention and encourage you to watch the movie. But sometimes, the movie doesn’t turn out to be as exciting or good as the trailer. So, if you don’t want to get disappointed you must watch the movie clips instead.

Clips are cut by the filmmakers

The trailers are cut by the studio and the clips are cut by the filmmakers. The goal of the studios is to make the trailer such that the audiences go to the movie theaters. When the filmmakers cut the clips they make sure that the audiences like the movie. The clip is in alignment with the filmmaker’s view and intention of the film.

Clips are part of the movie

You might not find all the scenes of the trailers in the actual movie. They are often rejected in the cutting room. But the clips are always part of the movie. So, the scenes in the trailers may mislead the audiences into assuming things that they cannot later find in the movies.

Allows you to take a break

In the movie theatre, taking a bathroom break is a big problem as you don’t want to miss any part of the movie. If you have already seen the clips then some of the scenes of the movie will be familiar to you so missing those scenes won’t be a problem. You can take a break then.

With movie clips, you get realistic expectations. The trailers are flashier and can give a false impression sometimes. If you don’t want to get disappointed watching a movie then you must watch the clips instead.

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