Tips For Making A Good Movie Trailer

Have you seen the trailer of the latest drama movie? The trailers encourage audiences to watch the movie. It is a great marketing tool for film producers. It helps to build excitement for the movie. The trailer gives a preview of the movie’s story but doesn’t reveal the main elements of the film. So, the audiences are left hanging thinking about what’s going to be next. Here are some tips for making movie trailers.

Three-act structure

You should use a three-act story structure. In the beginning, you should talk about the main characters of the movie, the setting, and the premise. In the middle, you should show the conflict and at the end the climax. The middle section of a drama movie usually builds up the tension and makes audiences excited to know what will happen next.

Unforgettable scenes

You must show the most unforgettable scenes of the drama movie in your trailer. This should be the most emotionally captivating scene of your drama movie. The audience will remember this part and feel more motivated to watch the movie.

Use of text or voice

Though the audience can visualize the story, you should use voice or text along with it also. This will explain the movie more and the audiences can grasp the story quickly. It will also remain in their mind for a long time.

Choose music carefully

You must choose music that sets the tone of the movie. If you choose good music then it can highlight the emotions, dramas, and climax well.

In movie theatres, you will find trailers of other movies before the movie you came to watch starts. This gives you a reason to watch another movie soon after it’s released.

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