Making a drama movie isn’t easy. If you want to make a drama movie then you must know about it inside out; otherwise, you will fail to make a good movie. The drama movie makers have to go through a lot of hard work and gain a lot of knowledge to make good drama movies.  Here are some awesome books on drama films from which you can get the right guidance and knowledge.

Aesthetics of Kenyan Drama Films

By – Simon Mutunge

Film production in Kenya faces a lot of challenges due to a lack of funds and manpower. Despite all these obstacles, Kenya has a vibrant film industry. Not many people outside Kenya know about the Kenyan film industry as the films are mainly made for the local people. In this book, you will learn about the dramatic aspects of Kenyan drama movies. You will know about its aesthetics and the sociocultural aspects that are included in the film.

Tragic Time in Drama, Film, and Videogames

By – Rebecca Bushnell

From this book, you will learn how the Shakespearean and other classical tragedy has shaped drama film. You will learn how the adaptation of the new media has changed the way tragic stories are presented. Here you will get an understanding of the tragic character in a drama film.

The Work of Teaching Writing

By – Joseph Harris

If you are a student of the film school then you will come across this book. Here the writer explores the way the work of teaching writing is depicted in films. Here you will get chapters that are about examining the fictional representation of writing classes. You will learn how to dramatize the actual work of teaching.

Producing for Film and Television

By – Sue Austen

This book is written from the movie producer’s perspective. Here you will get guidance for each stage of the filmmaking process. You will get industry guidance and useful tips about film production. If you are planning your production then this book can be very helpful.

Classic Period Dramas

By  – Alfred Music

This book is about period drama. In these films, there are elaborate costumes and luxurious settings. Here you will know about some of the period dramas from classic literary adaptations.

These books are worth reading if you are serious about filmmaking. You will gain a better understanding of the film production